What some of our clients have to say about our services…


Thank Cristine for the superior marketing, the wonderful video and professional photos. It Feels good to conclude our land sale... Seller - Jaine Gale

7092 North Tenaya Way - SOLD price $8,775,000 - Click here to view this amazing property!

Cristine worked countless hours and provided an impressive marketing, and as a result, our home was sold for the highest sale per square feet.... Seller -Dr. Prabhu Rachakonda

30 OLYMPIA HILLS - SOLD price $5,600.00
We hired Cristine multiple times, and she is caring and honest. Thank you Cristine for assisting us with our penthouse purchase.... Buyers - Bruce and Barbara W. 
2777 PARADISE Road penthouse 3704 - SOLD price  $ 5,250,000.00 - Click here to view this amazing property!

Cristine, thank you again for all of the extraordinary attention you have given us.... Sellers - Charles an Deborna Burnick
103  GROSSE POINTE Place - SOLD price  $3,350,000.00
The highest sale price per square foot for the 3,515 sq.ft. floor plan. 
1 HUGHES CENTER Drive penthouse 1701 - SOLD price  $2,750,000.00

Thank you Cristine for marketing our home extensively  and selling our home for the highest price in the neighborhood.... Sellers - Mordechai and Linda Be-Samochan
3024 ISLAND VIEW Court - SOLD price  $3,250,000.00
Dear Cristine, Thank you for your summation and for, as always, being on top of everything.  You're the best!..... Sellers - Bonnie Hannifin and Freddy Glussman
1105 BROADMOOR Avenue - SOLD price  $1,150,000.00

Cristine, thank you for representing us and assisting with the purchased. We love our home and your gifts!  Buyers - Noah and Stephanie Nehlich 
Cristine and team, thank for of getting our home sold! Your persistence and diligence paid off....  Seller - April Kermany 
771 TOZZETTI Lane - SOLD price  $1,100,000.00 (Cristine Represented both Parties)
Thank you Cristine for assisting us acquiring this home.....  Buyer  - Susan Fine 
52 SAWGRASS Court - SOLD price  $1,000.000.00
Cristine has an exceptional marketing, and ultimately found the buyer herself. Cristine is great to work with it! A true professional. ...  Sellers - Andy and Carol Riley 
2777 PARADISE Road 3602 - SOLD price $900,000.00 (Cristine Represented both Parties)
Thank you so much for all your help!... Buyer - Jim Kroner 
94  HAWK RIDGE Drive - SOLD price  $3,700.00.00
Thank you, Cristine, for your attention to details and for getting our home sold.....  Sellers - Nancy and Bruce Deifik
641 ST. CROIX Street - SOLD price $3,200,000.00

Cristine worked diligently and procured a great buyer to our high-rise unit......Sellers - Susan Fine and Brian Greenspan 

Thank you Cristine for showing us properties for a little over 18months and sing patience with us. Your hard work paid off and we are very satisfied with our purchase..Buyer-Darrell R.  
1 HUGHES CENTER Drive penthouse level 1703  - SOLD price  $2,850,000.00 (Cristine Represented both Parties)
Thank you Cristine. Your marketing, staging  and ability to negotiate our deal successfully  was precise and on point. 
1 HUGHES CENTER Drive #1104 - SOLD price  $2,300.000.00

Thank you Cristine for showing me many residential properties before i made my final decision to buy.....  Buyer - Richard Smith 
1 HUGHES CENTER Drive 1001  - SOLD price  $2,000,000.00

Dear Cristine and team, Thank you for assisting us with the sale of our home and with this luxury high-rise acquisition! We love it here.... Buyers - Dr.Martin Safko and Jennifer Safko  
2747 PARADISE Road penthouse 3004 - SOLD price  $2,000.000.00
Cristine negotiated on our behalf a great acquisition.... Buyers - John and Cinthia Ying
2857 PARADISE Road  penthouse 3103 - SOLD price  $2,000,000.00
Cristine is a true professional and caring. She has worked for our family multiple times.... Buyer - John Elardi
16 GOLDEN SUNRAY Lane - SOLD price  $1,800,000.00

Thank you Cristine for your efforts for assisting us with this transaction. We love our views....  Repeat Buyer Client - Susan Fine 
2773 RED ARROW Drive - SOLD price  $1,700,000.00
Cristine staged and marketed our home with the best photography, online exposure and classy printed brochures, Cristine hosted had countless open houses until it was sold...
1376 ENCHANTED RIVER  - SOLD price  $1,175,000.00
Cristine is a great professional, always on time, with a kind demeanor and strong ethics. I highly recommend Cristine’s services. We love Cristine!...  Sellers - Jim and Virgina Dye 
2747 PARADISE Road Penthouse 3504 - SOLD price  $1.100,000.00
Hi Christine. Soheil & I want to thank you for assisting us in finding the perfect home fir us , it is beautiful and we appreciate your kindness. Thank you soooooooo much you are amazing! 
90 PRISTINE GLEN Street - SOLD price  $1,050,000.00
 Cristine, thank you for selling our land in three days!... Sellers - Bruce and Nancy Deifik
5212 SPANISH HEIGHTS Drive - SOLD price  $970,000.000

Thanks for getting these units sold for us.  I do appreciate all your efforts. It's been a pleasure working with you. - Seller's Assest Manager - Bonnie Butler
Cristine we appreciate your efforts assisting us with the purchase. We look forward to working with you again....  Buyers - John and Pat Z.  
2747 PARADISE Road 401 - SOLD price  $925,000.000 (Cristine Represented both Parties)
Cristine, Thank you for getting our property sold when the previous agent was not able to. With your professionalism and marketing we were able to get our place sold. Thank you Cristine!... Seller - Park Towers 601 Trustee
1 HUGHES CENTER Drive #601 - SOLD price  $910,000.00
Thank Cristine for the superior marketing, the wonderful video and professional photos. it Feels good to conclude our land sale..... Seller - Jaine Gale
7092 North TENAYA Way SOLD price  $8,775,000